Newsletter Juillet 2020


 Work anniversary

In 2020, some of our employees are celebrating their work anniversary.

To start with, on June 16th, Firmin François reached his 30 years work anniversary.
Firmin started as general manager of Cobelpa and afterwards of inDUfed.

Another impressive milestone was achieved by our colleague Pascale Destrebecq.
On July 1st, Pascale has been in the company for 40 years.
She has started with Fetra and was afterwards integrated in the inDUfed organization, managing the accounting, the statistics and the meetings for several trade associations.

We truly would like to thank Pascale and Firmin for all those years of dedication, inspiration, enthusiasm and hard work!

Pascale Destrebecq, Firmin François



Some of our members are producing specialised products that can be used in battling the covid-epidemic.
Displays, masks, partition walls, …
The lists can be accessed here NL FR 

If for any reason your company is not on this list and is producing specialised anti-covid products, please contact us.


 Keep yourself informed

Companies are facing great difficulties as a result of the health and economic crisis we are experiencing. The government, the parliament and the Group of 10 (social partners) are implementing a series of important measures having an impact on companies. Throughout this crisis, we will keep you informed of any developments in the various dossiers via information e-mails. If you wish to receive this information, please do not hesitate to contact the inDUfed social department.


 Singe Use Plastic Directive (SUPD)

inDUfed is lobbying hard to exclude as many paper products out of the scope of the SUPD as possible.
At the beginning of the consultation for the Guidelines to the SUPD, it looked very grim because cellulose was seen as plastic (yes you read this correctly), therefore categorising all paper products as potential SUPD.
We can now say that a bit more logic has returned in the debate and cellulose is, as it should be, considered as a natural polymer and thus not a plastic.
We do not see this as a victory, but it is a big relief. Now our efforts concentrate on obtaining a threshold value of plastic below which products don’t fall within the scope of the SUPD. We have contacted all the relevant ministries at all different levels and had a meeting with the federal ministry of environment.

The battle goes on.


 inDUfed Sectoral Prevention Plan Packaging 2019-2022 is approved

The IVCIE has approved the first sectoral prevention plan for packaging the was done by inDUfed. Before, this was split into three different plans. One of the accompanying measures is the packaging diagnosis we offer to the participating companies. he Covid-19 crisis did put us behind schedule but the organisation to get the diagnostics done is now fully under way.


 Incompatible state aids in Wallonia

At the request of the European Commission and based on the guidelines on state aid, the Walloon region has submitted for approval its system of green certificates and the coupled exemption system. At first glance, it seems there is no issue with the existing system and exemption linked to the quota. However, the reduction given to the paper and board convertors on the OSP Elia surtax seems incompatible with the European guidelines. inDUfed organized a dedicated info session to explain the financial consequence of this incompatibility. inDUfed will continue to closely monitor this issue and is available to help members to estimate the cost for them or to answer any questions on the subject.


 Green deal : climate law and GHG target 2030

As announced by the European commission, consultations were launched on the climate law and the 2030 targets.

inDUfed contributed to the VBO-FEB response to the consultation.

As pushed forward by the European associations CEPI and GAE, inDUfed highlighted the efforts already done by industry under the ETS and the existing potential through optimal renovation of the buildings.



 Green Dot fees Fost Plus 2021

The green dot fees for next year are approved by the Board of Fost Plus.
For Paper and board this means a significant increase to 11,89 €c/kg. This was expected because this year’s fees were already as high in 2020, but a correction was made to make the transition less drastic.
The increase is due to several reasons: the dramatic drop in revenue from the paper for recycling, an increase in costs and less advantage from the other non-recyclable materials.
Glass fees are up but limited to an increase of 25% to 4,99€c/kg.
Also there a correction was applied I, 2020 to make the transition to the real fee less abrupt.
The decreased advantage of the non-recyclable materials is very significant for glass.
This correction to the fee is only applied one year after which the real fee will have to be paid.


New Cepi study – Forest-based products as important as forest sink for climate mitigation

For the first time, a scientific study quantifies the “substitution effect” which consists of preventing CO2 emissions moving away from fossil-based materials, and couples it with existing data on process emissions, CO2 removed by the forest and the CO2 stored in forest products.

Dr Holmgren, the study author and former Director General of the Center for International Forestry Research, presented the study key findings:

“The results show that forests and forest-based products remove a net of 806 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalents annually. This corresponds to 20% of all fossil emissions in the European Union”.

The study can be found here 


 PaperPackSkills: Training offer workable work

In the past 2 years, a pilot project ‘Workable Work’ was carried out within the sector in which 9 companies from the paper and cardboard sector participated. Because this project was a success, the working group decided to open up the good practices of this pilot project to all companies in the paper and cardboard sector! What are the new subsidy conditions? Companies in the paper and cardboard sector can have 100% subsidized training courses and coaching on workable work through the PaperPackSkills sector fund, for workers, employees and management because workable work must be ‘tailor-made’ and must be carried out by the entire organization. Examples of themes are: elaborating an absenteeism policy, prevention of stress & burnout, communication or ergonomics training, elaborating a diversity policy, creating a feedback culture, … Let us know what you need, we will be happy to help you! Would you like to receive more information on the possibilities? Send us an email at or


 Get started with the workability check, especially in times of Corona!

Do you need advice, consultancy and competence enhancement during this time of crisis? Request the workability check via Both an SME and a large company can use the cheque to buy a scan or consultancy to map out or monitor the workability. Resulting actions can be financed by the cheque. The workability cheque contains a maximum of €10,000 per company number. Only the invoice of a recognised service provider can be submitted.


 Drive: Workable work for SME’s

Do you want to increase the motivation of your employees (especially in times of Corona)? Do you want to create a positive dynamic? That’s what DRIVE is for: free HR support tailored to your organisation, offered by specialised service providers. The aim of this initiative is to increase the workability and employee welfare within your organisation. The cost of the service provider is fully covered by ESF! Is your organization based in Flanders and does it count less than 250 employees? Then submit a simple request to ESF Flanders!
More information can be found here: