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Who are we

InDUfed is a platform that has been uniting three sectors since 2018, namely: COBELPA (Association of the Belgian manufacturers of pulp, paper and cardboard), FETRA (Federation of paper and cardboard processing companies) and VGI (Glass Industry Federation). InDUfed thus increases the competitiveness of the companies within the three sectors.

InDUfed is a platform that increases the quality of service to its members. The expertise and knowledge of the different teams are brought together in the field of social issues as well as in the field of environment and energy. These areas of competence form the core of the sustainability strategy, both for the products from the three sectors themselves and for their production and transformation processes.

Our members

inDUfed is a platform that unites three Belgian industrial sectors: the production and transformation of glass (VGI-FIV), the production of pulp, paper and cardboard (Cobelpa) and the processing of paper and cardboard products (Fetra). These companies produce a wide range of products: glass bottles, cardboard packaging, graphic paper, a variety of glazing, self-adhesive materials, hygienic paper, insulation material, etc.

The list of our members is given below


paper and cardboard processing


glass production and processing


paper and cardboard production

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