Who are we?

An efficient organisation serving sustainable and innovative business sectors

InDUfed is a platform that has been uniting three sectors since 2018, namely: COBELPA (Association of the Belgian manufacturers of pulp, paper and cardboard), FETRA (Federation of paper and cardboard processing companies) and VGI (Glass Industry Federation). InDUfed thus increases the competitiveness of the companies within the three sectors.

InDUfed is a platform that increases the quality of service to its members. The expertise and knowledge of the different teams are brought together in the field of social issues as well as in the field of environment and energy. These areas of competence form the core of the sustainability strategy, both for the products from the three sectors themselves and for their production and transformation processes.


COBELPA, the Association of Belgian Pulp, Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers (JC 129 and JC 221), was founded in 1940 and its mission is to promote the general interests of the sector in the broadest sense of the word, to promote the economic expansion of the sector and provide a high quality service to its members. COBELPA fulfils the role of spokesperson for the sector for the various federal and regional governments of our country, for the sector trade unions and for the regional, federal and international employers’ associations. COBELPA also has the task of improving the image of the paper industry in our country through information and awareness campaigns with a forward-looking and proactive vision.


FETRA is the Belgian professional federation of paper and cardboard processing companies (JC 136 and JC 222) and was founded in 1946. It represents approximately 80% of the turnover of the sector. FETRA is the official spokesperson for the Belgian paper and cardboard processing sector for the European, federal, regional and local authorities and other interest groups. FETRA informs and advises its members on the questions of all kinds ​​they face: social, economic, environmental, energy matters, etc.


Founded in 1947, the Glass Industry Federation (VGI) clusters the Belgian companies that produce and/or process glass on an industrial scale: flat glass (construction and automotive industry), hollow glass (bottles, table glass, flasks), and special glass ( glass fibres, cellular glass, glass wool, solar energy, etc.). In Belgium, the sector consists of about ten glass production companies and about thirty companies that specialize in the processing of glass. Innovation and export are two characteristics of the Belgian glass industry.