Socio-economic data

“The transparent quality of the glass gives the final work a value in accordance with a black line drawn on a white sheet”, Charlotte Juillard


The customers, the personnel

inDUfed unites 3 industrial sectors: glass production and transformation, pulp, paper and cardboard production, and processing into paper and cardboard products.

The circular economy is in the DNA of their production processes. More information can be found in the Environment and Energy section.

These companies produce a wide range of products in Belgium: bottles, cardboard packaging, high-quality graphic paper, a variety of glazing, newspaper and magazine paper, stickers, etc.

The 3 sectors together include nearly 330 companies. These companies form an industrial network that provides 19,000 direct local jobs. They employ about 70% blue-collar and 30% white-collar workers.

The companies represented by inDUfed have a strong export focus. After all, more than 75% of Belgian production is destined for abroad. Germany, the Netherlands and France, as well as Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom are the main destinations.