Mission and values

InDUfed is a platform that has been uniting three sectors since 2018, namely COBELPA (Association of Belgian manufacturers of pulp, paper and cardboard), FETRA (Federation of paper and board processing companies) and VGI (Glass Industry Federation). Preparing and propagating common visions, sharing and deepening knowledge, optimizing external representation, flexibility and efficiency are some of the many strengths of InDUfed.

The values ​​of InDUfed are:

  • A high quality service to its members
  • Constructive cooperation with respect for the identity of each partner
  • A team of motivated and committed employees

InDUfed’s mission is to:

  • Inform and advise its members on the questions of all kinds that they face: social, economic, environmental, energy, etc.
  • Modernize the operation of the industrial federations, its members, by combining flexibility, efficiency and performance to serve the companies
  • Provide information, in addition to raising awareness and promotion by organising visits and seminars, publishing brochures, etc.

Our commitment

In 2020 InDUfed achieved Ecodynamic Enterprise Label, level 2. This label is an official, free of charge recognition and encouragement for Brussels companies, organisations and institutions from the private and public sectors that are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their activities.

The label assesses the environmental performance of companies by rating their environmental initiatives on a scale of three levels: one, two or three stars. This concerns, for example, initiatives in the area of waste prevention, circular economy, rational use of energy, a good mobility plan for employees or sustainable food.