InDUfed in the social area

A fund, a knowledge centre and a committee are at your service

The companies within InDUfed fall under six joint committees: JC 115 (glass industry and processing), JC 200 (additional joint committee for employees from the profit sector), JC 129 and JC 221 (paper production), JC 136 and JC 222 (paper and cardboard processing industry).

The various sectors all have at least one Fund for Social Security that is involved in the training efforts of companies.

InDUfed has a knowledge centre on social legislation and informs members about social legislation in the making and changes in the regulations, via newsletters, seminars, etc. In addition, members can contact their own federation concerning their individual social issues.

InDUfed’s social committee brings together the companies’ HR specialists. Here, the social positions that InDUfed takes on general regulations within the inter-professional associations, but also on sectoral consultations, are determined.