Newsletter March 2021








 General Assemblies

Due to Covid there will be no inDUfed event in May/June 2021.
Sanitary conditions permitting,  it will be organized in the Autumn of this year.

The General Assemblies will be organized online:

  • Cobelpa : Wed. 26th of May – 5.30 pm
  • VGI/FIV : Tuesd. 1st of June – 3.30 pm
  • Fetra : Wed. 2th of June – 2.00 pm
  • inDUfed : Wed. 2nd of June – 10.00 am

 Paper Chain Forum becomes

To promote the importance of paper and board in society on socio-cultural and ecological level, the various actors of the Belgian paper value chain will communicate from now on under the new name brings together the different actors of the Belgian paper value chain: forest owners, production and converting of pulp, paper and board, printers, publishers of newspapers and magazines, door-to-door publications and the paper recuperation industry. wants to inform, communicate to and sensitize the general public on the role and the value of paper and paper products. They want to do this on social, economic and ecological issues.


 The Furnace for the Future – A Fundamental Milestone Towards Climate-Neutral Glass Packaging

For the first time, the container glass industry will collectively fund and develop a technological innovation and prove its commercial viability. Building this large-scale 350 tonnes/day hybrid electric furnace, able to melt reduced (=amber) glass together with high levels of recycled glass, has no precedent. The F4F technology will cut direct furnace CO2 emissions by 60%, and those of the whole installation by 50% as we replace 80% of the natural gas with renewable electricity. The potential CO2 reduction of this innovation is even higher if it can be subsequently combined with other innovative sources of energy such as hydrogen or biogas.

The European and Global container glass manufacturer Ardagh Group has volunteered to lead a coalition of 19 independent companies representing over 90% of the total glass container production in Europe (more than 80 billion containers yearly). The other glass companies will co-finance the project, and in return, will receive all the necessary information (plant visits, training of operators, operating parameters) to run similar plants. This will ensure an efficient dissemination of the know-how and results to support scalability and roll-out at sector level.


 Free training for workers and employees of the paper and cardboard converting industry ?

Since January 2021, all employees within the paper and cardboard converting industry (Joint Committee 222) can receive free training on a variety of topics through the PaperPackSkills sector fund. So now both workers (Joint Committee 136) and employees can benefit from subsidies!
More information about the training offer and conditions can be found here


 Interprofessional collective bargaining

The negotiations within the framework of the new law concerning the competitiveness of the Belgian companies (better known as the law of 1996 determining the salary norm) are not following a normal schedule.

By now we should normally have started the collective bargaining at sector level – however there still is no interprofessional framework. Two elements are blocking the discussions that never really started:

– The trade unions demand a modification of the law of 1996: they want an indicative salary norm instead of a binding one, which is the case at present. This would enable the unions to get better salary increase from sectors that performed well
– The integration of the welfare envelope in the global salary discussions

A number of actions have already been planned.

In such a case of deep disagreement between the social partners, the government is obliged by law to take necessary measures (salary norm, end of career,..).
A month of attempts at conciliation is running and will end on the 15th of April.


 Social newsletter

The social newsletter will be continued until the inDUfed extranet is up and running. The new website and its extranet will be launched soon. A system of alerts will replace the old social newsletter when this new channel is operational.


 Webinar Plastic Resource

On March 2nd , inDUfed organised a webinar about the Plastic Resource or Plastic Tax as it is commonly known. We are proud to say we managed to attract more than 30 people exclusively from our member companies.

During the webinar we tried to give an overview of what the plastic Resource is, the situation in Belgium and how the different governments are reacting about it, and finally what the plans are in other EU member states.

The presentation used during the webinar and its recording can be shared upon request to the inDUfed office.


 France discourages the use of the Green Dot logo on packaging – or not ?

The French State Council (Conseil d’état) has suspended the new rules regarding the use of logos on packaging destined for the French market.

Normally a penalty would have to be paid on all packaging on which the Green Dot logo is used as of the 1st of April. This decision is now suspended until further notice.

The compulsory use of the Triman logo as of January 22 is also put “on hold”, as the European Commission has expressed a negative advise on this French decision.

We cannot predict when or even if this French initiative will come into force.
inDUfed will continue to monitor the situation as it develops and will keep you updated.


 Ammonia and NOx depositions: legal uncertainty due to court ruling

The ruling of the Flemish court for permit disputes can have far-reaching consequences for the existing Flemish nitrogen deposition program (PAS). The court ruled that the 5% deposition threshold, currently used to exclude some activities from a costly and time consuming in-depth analysis, is not low enough to assume there is no acidification by azote deposition of the natural environment. This would mean that almost every industrial, civil of agricultural activity in Flanders would have to execute a nitrogen evaluation, and even those permits recently granted under the current 5% deposition threshold could become legally uncertain. Minister Demir already mentioned that a change in permitting policy and nitrogen regulation seems likely.


 Water scarcity tool: safety and health risks to be defined

We have already reported in previous newsletters that a new framework of guiding principles to prevent extreme water scarcity is under development. This new assessment framework will be presented on April 2nd and the province Governors will test the first version of the tool during the summer. Industrial sectors will engage in the coming weeks with the developing consortium to define a more detailed list of activities that could face safety and/or health risks if water intake had to be cut.


 Energy costs

Deloitte conducted a study for Febeliec on the benchmark of electricity prices. The conclusion of that study is that the Belgian industry faces its post-corona recovery with a significant electricity price disadvantage . inDUfed members confirm this conclusion as some of the companies are already heavily impacted by the costs and taxes to be paid when connected to the distribution net.

The discussions on the cost of the CRM-system, and the compatibility with the cap for offshore green certificates, will make 2021 a very interesting year indeed. In a nutshell there is a swift need for a competitive energy price to guarantee the rapid recovery of the Belgian industry.


 Renovation and energy-efficiency are major axes in the recovery plan

By 30 April 2021 at the latest, Belgium will have submitted its National Recovery and Resilience Plan to the European Commission. Faced with the consequences of COVID pandemic, 5,9 billion euros might be injected into the Belgian economy by the EU. However, this investment and support plan should seize the unique opportunity presenting itself to initiate a genuine strategy of renovation with high economic, social and environmental benefits. A wave of home and public building renovations will reduce heating consumption and thus greenhouse gas emissions.

The strategy to accelerate this wave of renovation includes among others the following points of attention:
-Developing the renovation and training sector.
-Introducing an obligation to renovate.
-A renovation by street or neighbourhood.
-Tax reforms

  REPAC²: Functional & recyclable coated paper packaging for food products

The University of Hasselt will introduce a research proposal at VLAIO, called REPAC². This project will look into the optimisation of commercially available water vapor barriers on paper and board packaging without compromising the recycling of the material.

A one-pager on the subject can easly be obtained by simple request at inDUfed or via this link 

If you decide to join the study, please inform us as inDUfed has also signed the Letter of Intent to join the project’s steering committee.


 Seminar Circopack: Sorting and Recycling Techniques

inDUfed was kindly invited to the Pack4Food seminar “Circopack: Sorting and Recycling Techniques” to present the paper and board industry’s views on the subject.

In our presentation, we stressed the need for an early and open communication between the client and the packaging producer, and even further up and down the production chain. Any modification made to the design of the packaging influences its recyclability. Everything should be thoroughly examined so that the most optimal packaging for the product can be designed.

The presentation given by inDUfed at the seminar can be obtained upon simple request to the inDUfed office.


 Publication of the amendments to the Food Contact Guidelines

The first revision of the Food Contact Guidelinesfor the Compliance of Paper and Board Materials and Articles is now available. Download the PDF here : 

On April 2019 the paper and board manufacturing industry, along with the converting sectors including the tissue industry, published the new voluntary ‘Food Contact Guidelines for the Compliance of Paper and Board Materials and Articles’ as an evolution of the former ‘Industry Guideline’. Those Guidelines are intended to provide a methodology for the demonstration of the suitability of Paper and Board Materials and Articles for a variety of food contact applications. 

After almost two years from the publication of the Guidelines, the P&B supply chain has defined a series of amendments that: 

  • Implement the changes that have taken place in the German BfR Recommendation XXXVI on Paper and Board for food contact for Aluminium and Bisphenol A.
  • Intend to provide a clearer interpretation of the rules on Declaration of Compliance 
  • Correct two incorrect internal references

The amendments are described in the followingcorrigendum that becomes, as a consequence, an integral part of the Guidelines. Download the PDF here : 


 New premiums for insulation and glazing in Flanders

From January 1st, 2021, some new features come into force for premiums linked to home insulation in Flanders. Among those :

• a bonus linked to the house’s energy label;
• a premium for asbestos removal combined with insulation of the roof or facade;
• the basic premium for insulating glazing is doubled;
• the basic premium for exterior wall insulation is also doubled;
• the conditions for obtaining roof insulation are becoming more stringent.

Final invoice

Insulating glazing

Exterior wall insulation


8 euro per m²

15 euro per m²


16 euro per m²

30 euro per m²

2021 – Customer with ‘nightly rate only’

24 euro per m²


 PaperPackSkills joins the ESF project ‘Inclusive Entrepreneurship’

The sectoral fund of the paper and cardboard converting industry (PaperPackSkills) is a partner in the ESF project ‘Inclusive Entrepreneurship’ led by I-Diverso (HR Specialist). In this project I-Diverso supports companies free of charge in their ‘next steps’ in the field of HR and inclusive entrepreneurship.

Interested? Go to and do the scan. Once you have completed the scan, an I-Diverso employee will contact you to discuss the results and to develop an action plan with you.
For more information, please visit


 PaperPackSkills announces new website

PaperPackSkills is happy to announce that its new website is now online. You will be able to easily register for training courses and you can find an overview of all the currently running projects. Are you curious to find out what services PaperPackSkills can offer your company, for instance in terms of dual learning, workable work, diversity and inclusion or training for your employees? Be sure to visit the new website!


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Newsletter December 2021


 inDUfed held its annual event & conference

After the previous digital annual meeting, inDUfed held its annual Event on October 28 at Quartier Papier in Zaventem.
After the welcoming drink, people were invited to listen to different speakers on the central topic “The economy and the people in the post-covid era”.

We would like to thank our speakers Philippe Ledent, Prof. Stijn Baert, Véronique Bundervoet, Kris De Groof and Joris Van Ongeval.

The evening was pleasantly closed with a networking walking dinner.
We hope to see you all again next year.

Stay Safe!

 The inDUfed team

 inDUfed welcomes Thomas Pollet

On 1st November Thomas Pollet joined the inDUfed team as Glass Specialist & Digitalisation Manager.
Thomas has worked for the Flemish Government and Parliament for the past 17 years.
He worked in 4 different cabinets and was spokesperson and deputy chief of cabinet for many years.
Thomas brings with him an extensive network and his expertise in communication and government relations.
At inDUfed, he succeeds Laura Bonnave, who we would like to thank once again for her commitment.


 Visit of Minerale & Saverglass

To improve the recycling of glass and specifically of flat glass, inDUfed together with Denuo organized a visit of Minerale glass recycling plant in Lodelinsart and the glass producer Saverglass in Ghlin.

The exchanges between the different participants were fruitful and allowed a firsthand understanding of the flow of the glass recycling process.

The participants gained a better view of the technologies necessary to produce a valuable raw material for the glass industry.

The use of good quality cullets was explained during the Saverglass visit and why this is so important to obtain a product conforming with the market request.

inDUfed would like to thank both Saverglass and Minerale for these excellent visits.


 Glass and paper exchanges!

On Tuesday 9th November, Eric Raedts (site director of SAPPI Lanaken) visited the Knauf Insulation factory in Visé with Olivier Douxchamps (site manager of KI Visé and Chairman of the VGI/FIV and of inDUfed), along with Thomas Pollet (new Glass Specialist and Digitalization Manager at inDUfed) and Thomas Davreux (general manager at inDUfed).

This visit was the trigger for fruitful exchanges and the realization that, although making very different products, the two factories (Knauf Insulation and SAPPI Lanaken) were faced with amazingly similar issues, on social but also on sustainability and energy levels (to name but a few).
This led our two members to decide on a more extensive exchange of best practices, with management teams from both members soon to be sent for a similar visit at each plant.

This type of exchange is indeed what inDUfed is all about, and we were delighted that this visit went so well and seemed to bring up so many interesting conversations. We would encourage all our members to take some time to get to know their neighbors from other inDUfed sectors, and we would be delighted to help you get in touch with them if you so wish. Just send us an email or call us and we will look together at the most relevant company in your neighborhood.


(fltr: Olivier Douxchamps, Thomas Davreux, Thomas Pollet, Eric Raedts)


 Become a Certified Print Media Traineeship Company!

Congratulations to Smart Packaging Solutions for achieving the quality label Certified Print Media Traineeship Company!

The employee pictured below recently started working at Smart Packaging Solutions and was trained on-site by colleagues!

You can recognise qualitative traineeship companies by the sectoral quality label issued by PaperPackSkills!

Become a certified traineeship company and apply here :

For more information, please visit the website


 Clarification on the Flemish Training Incentives!

Clarification on the Flemish Training Incentives! The Flemish Government has developed an online guidebook describing the Flemish training incentives.
Based on a few targeted questions, this tool shows employers and employees the route to the training support measures for which their employees or themselves are eligible.

The training incentives offer support to employees who want to take a course from the training database :

The Flemish training incentive guide can be found here :


 Collective bargaining concluded

The autumn was dominated by sectoral collective bargaining. During the months of October and November, sector agreements were reached in the paper production sector, the paper and cardboard converting sector and the glass sector.
The limited margin for negotiation put a lot of pressure on the negotiations at both sector and company levels.
The trade unions are also increasing the pressure on the government to amend the Law of 1996, which forms the basis for determining the wage standard. Although the wage standard offers a limited margin for negotiation, rising inflation will burden Belgian companies with a significant increase in wage costs due to the automatic indexation that is the rule in Belgium.
From the employers’ side, the question of revising this automatic indexation system is also back on the agenda.


 Webinars by inDUfed

In October, two seminars were planned on, respectively, alternative forms of remuneration and the presentation of the paper sector agreements. The interest and participation rate was very good. The French-speaking seminar on alternative forms of remuneration could not take place due to the cancellation of the speaker but will be organised again at a later date. In November, the sector agreement of the glass industry was also presented.


 Turn the page: an attractive project

Turn the Page, a project led by Cepi, the European Paper Federation, aims to make the paper industry more attractive to young people. This week, a company visit was organised at Essity and a discussion was held with young people from a neighboring technical school. This meeting will now be followed by a stakeholders’ meeting with Forem, Education, Employers’ representatives in order to formulate some concrete proposals and questions for the Minister of Education.



 Elites du Travail / Elites van de Arbeid

On Saturday 20 November, the ceremony of the ‘Elites du Travail- Elites van de Arbeid’ for the glass sector was held in the AGC offices of Louvain-la Neuve.

At this ceremony, we were able to thank and congratulate workers who are or have been fully committed to the sector and its development thanks to their skills and dedication.

The winners were awarded with the title of ‘Lauréat du Travail- Laureaat van de Arbeid’, along with a gold or silver medal. This year, Mrs. Brigitte Lacroix, Senior HR Lead at Foamglas (Owens Corning), was awarded with the distinction of ‘Doyen d’honneur-Eredeken’ in recognition of her 33-year career in the glass industry.

Once again, we would like to thank and congratulate Brigitte for her successful career in the field of Human Resources and for her fair and appreciated participation in social consultation in the sector. We also would like to thank AGC for hosting this event.


 Environmental taxes on waste: new tariff proposal for 2022

The Flemish Government tabled a new tariff proposal for environmental taxes on waste. The tariffs for Incineration and co-incineration of most industrial waste is increased from 13 €/ton to 25 €/ton. inDUfed proposed amendments to maintain the zero rates for recycling residues and deinking sludge. Furthermore inDufed is in favor of differentiating tax rates on the incineration of alternative fuel derived for non-recyclables. The ETS/non-ETS status of the installation using the waste-fuel is in our opinion an objective and enforceable criterion.


 Fit for 55

During the summer, the European commission published the ‘Fit for 55’ package which consists of proposals to make the EU’s climate, energy, land use, transport and taxation policies fit for reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels.

With the assistance of our European associations but also national authorities, inDUfed started to dive in this document and identified the proposals that could impact our sectors. In a first step, our approach was presented during the inDUfed energy committees of October.


 New climate and voluntary energy agreement

In both regions, the existing climate & energy agreements (EBO/ADB) must be reviewed. In Flanders, the authorities put a vision paper on the table which will now be discussed between and with the sectors. In the Walloon region, after a common position by all industrial sectors, the point by point discussions started with the administrations and the cabinets. The goal is to have an approval by the Walloon Government on the major issues by the end of this year and to develop the agreement in more detail in 2022.


 Additional measures for the Flemish climate plan

The Flemish Government announced additional measures reinforcing the existing Flemish climate plan to align it with the new greenhouse gas abatement targets set at European level. For industry we note a new levy on gas, the accelerated phase out of subsidies to fossil fired CHP, more ambitious energy plans and carbon roadmaps.
The complete text can be read here 


 Single Use Plastics transposition

When the guidance on the Single Use Plastics Directive (SUPD) was published by the European Commission in June of this year, many member states began the process of transposing the directive into national legislation. This proves to be a difficult task since the directive lacks clarity, and the guidance documents do not improve this much either.

In Belgium the transposition is further complicated by the different governmental levels involved and by the tendency to go beyond and above what is required by the directive. A first (real) version of the royal decree was sent to the State’s Council in September.

As the sector able to provide a real alternative to plastic products, we believe that the directive needs to be translated into national legislation as it is and not ban SUP’s over the board, while working on plastic consumption reduction. We also believe that a threshold level of polymers can provide the necessary room to innovate and reach the goals set by the SUPD. A full text of our position can be obtained upon simple demand.

 up is the new name for Paper Chain Forum

Dear reader,


Paper and board are paradoxically performing well thanks to the digitalization of our society and a growing eco-awareness.

To highlight the added value of paper and board, the main actors of the Belgian paper chain, all present within Paper Chain Forum, have decided to communicate under the new name as from 2021.

In the White paper you will get to know the unsurpassed impact and ease of use of paper and board.

But also builds a bridge between digital and paper. The new website and an active presence on the social media LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook must further support the sustainable character of paper and cardboard.


There will be good business in the future with paper and cardboard!

You can download the white paper in French or Dutch via the following links:

Do you wish to receive a paper copy?
Please contact

We wish you much reading pleasure and look forward to your response.




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Newsletter June 2021


 Goodbye Firmin! And thank you

After nearly 31 years at the service of the pulp & paper industry, Firmin FRANCOIS is retiring on 30th June. It is with sadness that we are waving him goodbye, mixed with immense gratitude for his hard work and dedication over so many years. As a cornerstone and founding father of inDUfed, Firmin has made a deep, positive and lasting contribution to not only his original sector, but also to the paper and board converting sector and to the glass sector in Belgium. Firmin was the first Managing Director of inDUfed and assisted his successor during the recent COVID crisis.
His wise advise was priceless and helped inDUfed manage the crisis in a successful way. So thank you Firmin! We are sad to see you go and grateful for all you brought our sectors.

We hope that the coming years will be filled with many happy hours of fishing, guitar playing, painting and enjoying your grand-children’s company under the Corsican sun!

FIRMIN in pictures, addressing and defending his members

From 1991:

Through the 2000’s:

Till yesterday:


 First committee Safety meeting was a success

On June 4 Mondi Poperinge hosted the first webinar of the Safety Committee (Dutch version). In this Committee’s new concept, a volunteering company presents a safety issue of own choosing. The Safety manager of Mondi Poperinge gave a comprehensive explanation of the Brain based safety concept and how to understand why people react the way they do on issues related to safety. If this process is well understood, ways can be found to change undesired behaviour and improve safety in the workplace. After this presentation, a Q&A session followed on the implementation of the ISO 45001. Judging from the lively discussions, we believe this first session was a success. If you want to present your case to your peers on safety in the workspace, don’t hesitate to contact inDUfed.


 The Interprofessional Collective Agreement

After months of negotiations and the intervention of the government, an intersectoral agreement was reached on a limited number of topics, the so-called third part of the interprofessional collective bargaining :
– end of career and early retirement, flexibility (overtime), second pension pillar, minimum wage.
On the first part, the welfare envelope, an agreement was reached between the social partners on 19 April 2021.
The second part, the wage standard and the corona premium, will be regulated by Royal Decree.
The trade unions approved the ICA with narrow to very narrow majorities among the two largest trade unions.


 The sector consultation

The conclusion of the interprofessional phase also marks the start of the sectoral consultation.
The sectoral negotiations will start at the end of September. In the first half of September, the trade unions will consult their members for the composition of their charter of demands.
In the paper sectors, negotiations will normally take place between 20 September and 6 October 2021.
In the glass sector, negotiations can only start on 7 October and may last until 3 November 2021.


 inDUfed meets Cabinet Khattabi

On June 9th 2021, inDUfed had a meeting with the Cabinet of Zakia Khattabi, the Belgian Federal Minister for the Environment. The agenda included subjects of which the most important one was the transposition of the Single Use Plastics Directive (SUPD) into Belgian law.

inDUfed asked that Belgium must:

1. guarantee a long enough transitional period for the implementation of the SUPD
2. use a threshold value for plastic content on paper-based products to determine if a product falls into the scope of the directive
3. evaluate the sustainability of alternatives based on scientific data and not on the mantra that re-use is always the better choice
4. support the new guidance document in preparation at the Commission and related to plastic consumption reduction

inDUfed also highlighted the need for the collection and recycling of flat glass. We presented a project inDUfed and Denuo are working on together in order to selectively collect, sort and finally recycle flat glass coming from building renovations.


 The new PackItBetter platform

Pack It Better is the Belgian Hub for Packaging Eco-Design. The aim of Pack It Better is to stimulate the use of sustainable packaging. The goal is to exchange and share knowledge on sustainable household and industrial packaging by facilitating contacts between knowledge centres and companies looking for solutions. inDUfed has positioned itself as one of the knowledge centres on paper and board and glass packaging. Pack It Better is a joint initiative between Valipac and Fost Plus and supported by the Belgian industry. The platform stimulates the eco-design of household and industrial packaging through qualitative and quantitative prevention, improved recyclability and circularity.


 Instructions by Flemish Minister Demir for Nitrogen deposition impact assessment

In response to a court ruling , Minister Demir issued new instructions for the impact assessment needed to evaluate nitrogen deposition (NOx and NH3). A differentiated approach for NOx and for NH3 is taken.
The complete guidelines (Dutch only) can be consulted here.

These instructions are a temporary solution filling in the legal vacuum created by the court ruling. New final impact assessment guidelines are needed by the end of 2021.


 Recycling Hub Flanders: Financial support to close material loops

As part of the post-COVID recovery plan, the Flemish government has earmarked 30 million euro to develop Flanders as a recycling hub. The framework, approved in a first reading, defines the companies and recycling activities eligible for subsidies. The procedure for evaluating the individual projects will be laid down later.


 Accords de branche – monitoring 2020

The three sectors united under the inDUfed umbrella presented their performance and results in energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions in 2020 to the Walloon region, as requested by the accords de branche. 2020 was an exceptional year with different impacts on our members but with a common conclusion: the production reduction translated into a decrease in energy efficiency performance. Nevertheless, the sectors remain confident of reaching their targets in 2023, and the companies with specific issues will be closely followed.


 Accords de branche – the next generation

inDUfed developed with its members a position on the accords de branche after 2023. The position was presented to the cabinet of Minister Henry and also served as a basis to develop the UWE common vision of all the industrial sectors dealing with the accords de branche today. In a nutshell, the next generation of the accords de branche should be a commitment at company level to study and implement measures and projects benefiting the climate transition towards a carbon neutral economy in 2050. Companies that commit to the accords de branche should receive a support from the Region (mainly by aid in investment and resources) to support the implementation of these projects.


 Paperpackskills promotes the inclusiveness programme “50pluz”

50pluz BV is one of the ten selected organizations within the ESF project 500 – Inclusive Enterprises that accompany Flemish profit and non-profit organizations on their way to greater inclusiveness. 50pluz BV is looking for an approach to employ in a socially responsible way 50-plus jobseekers (and to keep them working) within your organization. We warmly invite you to complete this 10-minute questionnaire as a first step in a guidance process towards more 50-plus inclusiveness.
Click on the link to open the survey.

There is no cost to your company for any further guidance. If desired, 50pluz BV will contact you afterwards to discuss a follow-up trajectory.


 Would you like to train the employees of the future within the paper and cardboard industry? Then start with dual learning!

Through dual learning, young people acquire competences both in school and in the workplace. As an employer, you are therefore an indispensable link. You help young people complete their education, you prepare them optimally for the labour market and you help train the employees of the future! Are you interested in training a future offset and flexo printer or an operator digital printer? On the PaperPackSkills website, you will find an extensive step-by-step plan on how your company can be recognised as a workplace and which graphic dual learning paths you can set up.

For more information please contact PaperPackSkills


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