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As Europe is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050, the European Green Deal and the circular economy have taken center stage in the recent European Union’s agenda. Among the measures impacting waste generation and management, a strong focus has been placed on the recyclability and reusability of packaging.

The glass, paper and cardboard converting, and pulp and paper production industries are developing products that are inherently recyclable and circular. They also have the highest recycling figures in the packaging sector. These industries are longstanding partners in the fight against waste and towards carbon neutrality and are committed to support the Green Deal’s ambitions.

However, our 3 federations are unanimous in underscoring that policy discussions must be supported by meaningful, realistic, and evidence-based approaches, strengthened by comprehensive scientific evidence, to identify all categories of environmental impact.

Sensitive issues include resource use (fossil or natural), life cycle analysis (LCA), number of rotations, logistics parameters which all need to be fully assessed when considering the impact of reusable packaging.

If decision-makers intend to pursue the most sustainable option, products must be assessed on a case-by-case basis throughout their life cycle.

To shed light on these issues, as well as on the possible actions and proposals to mitigate the storm our industries are facing, InDUfed is pleased to invite you to a conference on the theme: 

« Our European federations in the Storm of the Green Deal »

which will take place on Wednesday 24 May 2023 from 3.30 p.m., at the Château-Ferme de Profondval, Court-Saint-Etienne (Show map).

Three representatives of our European federations will give us their views on the issues at stake:

  • Mrs Adeline Farrelly Secretary General of Glass Alliance Europe (European alliance of the glass industries).
  • Mrs Eleni Despotou Secretary General of CITPA (European federation of paper and cardboard converters).
  • Mr Jori Ringman CEO of CEPI (European confederation of the pulp and paper industries).

The conference will be followed by a Walking-Dinner.


16h00Opening remarks and presentation of the theme of the conference by Olivier Douxchamps, President of inDUfed and Thomas Davreux, General Manager of inDUfed.
16h15”Our European federations in the storm of the Green Deal „
Session 1: Speaker : Mrs. Adeline Farrelly
Secretary General of Glass Alliance Europe (European alliance of the glass industries).
16h40Session 2 : Speaker : Mrs. Eleni Despotou
Secretary General of CITPA (European federation of  paper and cardboard converters).
17h05Session 3 : – Mr. Jori Ringman 
CEO of CEPI (European confederation of the pulp and  paper industries).
17h30Walking dinner
21h30End of the Conférence

Please confirm your attendance by 17 May 2023.

Venue address

Château-Ferme de Profondval
2, Chemin de Profondval
1490 Court-St-Etienne
Tel: +32 (0)10 68 08 24 
GPS: 50.654903,4.6110983

Practical informations

Anne-Sophie Carton
+32 2 542 61 20

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